What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a night of sleep that will rejuvenate you to give your maximum the next day? Is it what you dream? Is it what you wear to bed? Or is it how you sleep?

Indeed, the sleep position is a curious yet deep aspect of human personality. It is something that is so personal and basic that even babies have their unique sleep positions.

But, it is not just a revelation about one’s personality. The sleeping posture that a person takes up in a dormant state of rest can give clues about some fundamental health issues (s)he might be facing, and whether the posture is a healing or an aggravating force. Then, necessary measures can be taken to address them.

The Head of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in the UK, Dr. Chris Idzikowski, has established in a survey that there are six basic sleep postures that directly correlate to one’s personality and health-related aspects.

Let’s find out how our sleep patterns can help us analyze more about ourselves.

1. The Fetal Position

Personal Traits: In the survey, the fetal position emerged to be the most natural and commonplace position, adopted by 41% of the total participants. This position is characterized by both the legs snuggled towards the direction of the chest. It is said that these people exhibit a strong personality outwardly, but are quite tender and vulnerable from within. They are soft-hearted too. They can be anxiety-prone and take their time to get friendly. But once they mingle, they are at ease.

Health Factor: It will be beneficial for the fetal sleepers to sleep on their right side because the vital body organs like the lungs, stomach, and liver can be stressed if people lie on their left for long.

2. The Log Position

Personality Traits: This comprised of about 15% of the people who were part of the survey. In this position, the person lies on his/her sides, while the legs are kept straight.

The arms are also positioned down, along the side of the body. Though it appears that these people might be firm and uncompromising, that is far from the truth. On the contrary, they are quite social and easy-going and feel a deep belongingness among their near ones. The flip side is they can be trusting to the point of naivety.

Health Factor: This posture of sleeping with a straight back is quite good for people who have back related problems. Keeping a few support pillows may add to the comfort.

3. The Yearner Position

Personality Traits: The Yearners formed about 13% of the test population. This position is very similar to that of the log, but both the arms are spread outwards towards the side the person is sleeping. These people go through serious contemplation before taking any decision, weighing all the pluses and the minuses. But when they arrive at it, they rarely change or lament over it.

Health Factor: This sleep position helps to alleviate certain conditions like acid reflux and provides unobstructed breathing in case a person is suffering from sleep apnea. However, it only provides mild comfort, and one must see a health professional in case the problems are persistent.

4. The Soldier Position

Personality Traits: The soldiers consisted of about 8% of the survey participants. They sleep straight, back down, and their arms and legs are in a horizontal attention posture. Interestingly, this position relates well to their personality because they are generally restrained in nature. They dislike fussing over small issues and have high moral standards.

Health Factor: This may not be an ideal position from the health point of view because it may aggravate problems related to snoring and breathing. Changing to the side position may help in such circumstances.

5. The Free Fall Position

Personality Traits: The free fall included about 7% of the survey population. It seems like a tricky position to sleep on the stomach and face on one side and the arms around the pillow.

But, funnily enough, the position promotes better breathing and digestion. Such people are quite outgoing. They also exhibit arrogance and brazen assertiveness. However, they are touchy and may get offended by any criticism.

Health Factor: The free fall, or any posture that is face down, is always a plus for the digestive and respiratory systems, and it also promotes good health.

6. The Starfish Position

Personality Traits: The people who slept in the starfish position were about 5% of the total participants. A person sleeping in this posture, on his/ her back, with the arms and the legs stretched out, needs a bed with more room. Such sleepers are prone to snoring and poor sleep, like their soldier counterparts. However, they make for excellent friends because they are very good listeners. They are also very helpful and can relentlessly work for others’ benefit without hogging the attention.

Health Factors: As mentioned above, the starfish sleepers do not seem to enjoy a night of unperturbed sleep as they may have snoring and breathing issues. They might be comfortable if they switch to side positions in between.

So, the next time you hit the bed, it won’t be a bad idea to consciously watch out how your body chooses to sleep. It can also help you make some changes in the sleeping position or pattern if you want relief from certain discomforts mentioned above. So, let’s cheer to a good night and sleeping tight!