Watch Out! Here’s How Your S.O May Be Cheating On You

Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling ever. However, to remain head over heels in love with each other requires a lot of effort. And there are quite a few things that also threaten such efforts, amongst which infidelity is the main culprit. It’s true isn’t it? No matter how strong a relationship is, the sword of infidelity always poses a threat to the relationship.

Earlier, at least, it was easy to catch your significant other if they were cheating. But today, with the advancements in the way we lead our life, even the way people have begun to cheat on their respective partner have taken an advanced route. Of course, the internet, the various mobile applications, and other social media sites weren’t made for people to start cheating in a much sneakier manner. However, the truth stands these very boons of the society have turned relationships into an easily breakable bond these days. These tech advances have confused the whole skeleton of what can be called as infidelity. People often find themselves in traps whether to call their partners cheaters or not.

We mean there are cases where a person is lying right next to his/her partner and is cheating on them by actively engaging in intimate chats with someone on their social media accounts. If you ever find yourself in a fix, here’s a road map that will help you understand if your partner is cheating on you or not.

1. Incognito S-Texting Via Apps

Who has thought such things even existed, right? Now one doesn’t have to be careful about deleting message threads of intimate texts to another person. People who are cheating are aware that there are texting applications available for both iOS and android users which offer features like a secret chat or hidden chats. These chats come with a PIN. If you need to open that specific chat, you will have to enter the PIN. If you ever find such apps or such features on your partner’s phone, then he/she are definitely cheating on you.

2. Hotels That Hookup

You no longer have to disguise yourself and enter a hotel asking for a room for just a couple of hours to have your intimate moments with your supposed affair. These days, there are sites and apps through which one can book a room or even a suite at any given time of the day and any number of hours. Also, these places offer lesser rates as well. If you find your partner using such sites or apps, you now know what it could mean.

3. Everything The Long Distance Way

While adult toys that can be maneuvered by smartphones have been around for a while, there are software available out there that help you touch and feel a person in a 3D manner. Through the software you can feel and virtually enjoy an intimate moment with the intimate parts of the body of someone who is living in some other part of the world. We suppose that long distance pleasure just got real. Ideally discovered for action-deprived couples, such software has become one of the reasons behind infidelity as well.

4. Virtual-reality Adult Videos

While many consider watching intimate adult videos as cheating, the technology has taken this practice a step further. Soon people will have access to sites and applications where you could see a virtual body of yourself trying to hookup with a virtual body of an adult movie star. What’s more? You can feel every movement as well. We guess, technology is only advancing the infidelity threat with such features. If you find your partner talking about it or researching about such advancements, you know what it signals at, right?

5. 3D Freaky Avatars

You all are aware of the X-rated online world, don’t you? This X-rated online world has come up with chat platforms where a user can create a 3D avatar (how creative!). And the user can use this 3D avatar and interact with other avatars on the platform in an intimate manner. People can hookup online with their respective avatars and satisfy their pleasure. This way, you have physical-to-physical contact and also, your identity stays hidden behind your avatar. If you find your partner talk about avatars and pleasures of life — get the hint people!

So, how can one cheat-proof their future with their partner? If you’re thinking of eloping with your partner to a tropical island where network never existed and intimate bots are not even a dream, we could boost this idea if it could be made real. So, the answer here to this problem lies in both your partner and you being faithful towards each other in the real as well as the virtual world. These days, it’s very important for one to build strong relationships with their partners in their virtual world as well. Don’t you agree with this? Let us know about your views on this in the comments below.