9 Dirtiest Parts Of Body That You Never Expected

It’s quite unlikely that someone would ask you what the dirtiest part of the body is. But, just out of curiosity, do you know the answer to this question? Do you think it’s the anus? We thought so too! It’s not just us you know; most people consider anus to be the dirtiest part of the body owing to the fact that it comes in contact with fecal matter. But, scientists at Harvard have found out that nearly 615 varieties of bacteria can be found in our mouth, tongue and many other parts, making them the dirtiest parts of our body. If you still aren’t convinced, let’s have a look at the 9 dirtiest parts of our human body.


It can clearly be considered as the dirtiest part of our body. Yes, the same mouth through which we relish the divine, tasty, yummy foods. It houses nearly 700-odd different types of bacteria (1). Now you know what causes bad breath, don’t you? Therefore, from now on, make it a point to rinse your mouth regularly, and brush your teeth twice a day.

2. Armpits

Our armpits have a huge number of apocrine sweat glands that keep them moist, almost always. And this moist environment functions as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Our armpits are home to various strains of bacteria. It’s shocking, right? And if you think deodorants will kill them and keep your armpits smelling fresh,you’re wrong, people! Consider opting for natural remedies to keep your armpits clean. That’s the only way out.

3. Ears

We all know that we have wax in our ears, right? It provides lubrication to the ear canal. This wax protects our ears from any invasion of bacteria, insects, etc. (2). Even though it protects our ear, it also acts as a home for the bacteria, making it one of the dirtiest parts of our body. Not cleaning the ear wax can increase the risk of you contracting chronic fungal infections. We’re not asking you to dig into the ear and clean it. The ears get cleaned on their own, due to a self-cleaning mechanism of the body. However, we can always take measures to maintain the hygiene of the outer area surrounding the ears.

4. Tongue

It’s not just the mouth, but even the tongue houses enough bacteria for you to fall sick. In fact, our tongue has the ability to change its color with the presence of bacteria (3). The only way to keep your tongue clean is to clean it with a tongue cleaner. Include this in your morning oral-hygiene routine when you brush your teeth.

5. Fingernails

The underside of your nails is dirty alright! We mean, throughout the day you’re picking up stuff, touching things, doing so many chores with your hands, all this makes your fingernails come in contact with a lot of dirt, bacteria, etc. It is believed that your fingernails can house bacteria that can even cause fatal diseases (4). Therefore, keep your fingernails clean by washing your hands and avoid growing your fingernails long, so that they don’t become a breeding spot for bacteria or fungi.

6. Scalp

You’d be surprised to know that our scalp can get just as dirty as the rest of the dirty parts of our body. It’s not just dandruff which makes our scalp itch. It’s dandruff, along with bacteria, that starts to eat up your scalp which gives you an irresistible urge to scratch your head to get some relief. But you realize that scratching your scalp isn’t the solution, right? You need to make it a habit to cleanse your scalp and hair, once in every two-three days to keep your scalp healthy.

7. Belly Button

Yes, even this is a part of the list. Your belly button actually acts like a den for some really deadly bacteria. You should always make it a habit to clean your belly button area. If you don’t, then it leads to the formation of a stone in the area. And on further ignorance, it can actually develop into a tumor. Therefore, whenever you bathe, clean your navel area as well.

8. Bottom

I don’t think we need to even provide an explanation as to why our bottoms make it to the list. We’ll do it anyways. Nearly 1000 or more types of bacteria make their way out of our bottoms when they flush out the digested waste out of our bodies. Maintain proper anal hygiene to stay healthy and keep deadly diseases at bay.

9. Nasal Cavity

Just like our ear wax, even our nasal cavity does the work of preventing bacteria and other harmful substances from entering our nose. Therefore, it’s important to clean the nasal cavity every now and then. But make sure you don’t use your fingers to do it, as it can lead to infections.

We’re sure you all are surprised after reading this list. But now that you know the real dirty parts of our body, make it a point to pay some extra attention to their hygiene and keep yourself away from diseases.