8 Things He Does Which Prove That He Genuinely Cares About You

Finding a pure and genuine love for you in this modern age may be difficult, but it is not impossible. And you’ve got to believe it. You must have faith that the right love for you is out there, and you must be patient. And once you find someone who has the potential to provide you with the type of love you require, you must not let that man go.

You should always be with someone who genuinely makes an effort to make you feel loved and cared for. Love and effort do not always solve all of a relationship’s problems, but they do go a long way toward making a romance sustainable and strong. Never underestimate a man who is willing to put in the effort to ensure that you do not feel neglected or undervalued in a relationship.

So, how do you know if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with a guy who cares enough to make an effort with you? Here are a few warning signs to keep an eye out for:

He returns missed calls and responds to text messages as soon as possible.

He respects your time and does not wish to keep you waiting. He understands that waiting for him to respond to your text messages can be stressful, and he doesn’t want to put you through that. If he is too busy to respond to your messages, he will notify you as soon as he is able. He does not like to leave you hanging.

He makes an effort to plan your dates and expresses his eagerness to see you.

In the age of social media, dating is almost a lost art. But it doesn’t escape his notice, especially when it comes to you. He is genuinely ecstatic about the prospect of spending time with you. He will always consider going on a date with you a pleasure because he genuinely enjoys your company. And he won’t be afraid to show you how he feels.

He genuinely acts on his feelings for you.

When it comes to him, it’s not just words. He understands how to back up what he says and how he feels by expressing his emotions through concrete actions. He understands that you don’t want him to tell you how much he adores you, so he will go to any length to demonstrate his feelings for you.

He does not dismiss your feelings and emotions out of hand.

He really wants to be able to hear what you have to say to him. He does not dismiss your ideas or opinions simply because they make him uneasy or uncomfortable. He doesn’t exclude you simply because you disagree with him. He truly values whatever you have to say to him because he cares about what is in your heart.

He appears to be pleased to be in a relationship with you.

He doesn’t keep you hidden at all. He doesn’t give the impression that he’s still single. He is always willing to let the world know that you are in a relationship because he is so proud to be with you. He thinks you’re the type of girl he can just brag about because you’re such an amazing person.

He allows you to fight your own battles while defending you when necessary.

He believes in you enough to leave you alone. He gives you the freedom to fight your own battles. But if you ever asked him to, he wouldn’t hesitate for a second. When you called him, he would come running. He would always be willing to assist you in any way he could.

He makes you feel loved, even if you have flaws and imperfections.

He would never make you feel inadequate in his eyes. He would never make you feel as if you had to change who you are to please him. He would never make you feel insecure or ashamed of yourself simply because you have flaws. Because he genuinely loves all aspects of you, he will make you feel accepted for who you are.

8. He consistently puts your relationship ahead of all other aspects of his life.

It’s not that he prioritises your relationship over everything else in his life. But he understands when and how to prioritise. He does not place undue stress on you or your relationship by making it the focal point of his life. However, he is aware that if the need arises, he will not hesitate to prioritise your needs over his own.