11 Things He Does Which Mean He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend…

If you don’t know how to read a man, it’s generally because you don’t know what to look for, or you’re looking in the wrong areas. A man may not always be outspoken about his sentiments, but you can always tell how he feels about you by how he acts while he’s with you. All you have to do is know what specific indications to look for.

Yes, dealing with guys may be difficult because of how bad they are with their words. But don’t worry; once you’ve finished reading this essay, you’ll have a far better understanding of how to read guys.

When you’re in a relationship with a guy but aren’t sure if he wants to go serious with you, it may be really frustrating. You don’t have to be concerned about it any more. If you discover your boyfriend doing a lot of the things on this list, it’s extremely probable that he’s into you and wants you to be his girlfriend:

1. He texts you first practically every day.

He doesn’t care if he comes out as “weak” or “needy” to you. In terms of your relationship, he is not interested in playing games with you. He’s not going to stop messaging you merely to make you think he’s not interested. He likes you and wishes to keep in touch with you as much as possible.

2. He makes it a point to plan date nights with you.

He wants to seize any opportunity to become closer and more personal with you. That’s why he never undervalues the importance of booking date evenings with you.

3. He constantly lavishes you with praises.

He isn’t afraid to express his adoration for you to you and the rest of the world. He will always tell you why he likes you and why he enjoys being with you all the time. He’s not going to be subtle about his feelings for you.

4. He discusses the future with you.

He doesn’t shy away from discussing the future with you – and this is because he doesn’t consider you as a passing affair. He doesn’t think of you as the sort of female he can just use and discard. He envisions a future with you and wants to talk about it openly and honestly with you.

5 He spends the most of his time with you.

We always devote the majority of our time to the things and people that are most important to us. And if he spends the majority of his time on you, you should have no doubt about how essential he considers you to be. He freely prioritises you over all other parts of his life.

6. He makes an attempt to establish friends with everyone who is close to you.

He understands that one of the keys to getting you to trust him is getting the people closest to you to trust him – and he will always make every attempt to do so to the best of his ability.

7. He allows you to stay the night at his house.

This is an excellent indicator, especially if you already have a sexually active relationship. IF he lets you stay the night after a scorching session of lovemaking, it’s a clue he’s not simply using you for your body. He sincerely enjoys your company and looks forward to spending time with you.

8. He confides in you about his own troubles and insecurities.

He’s allowing himself to be frail and vulnerable in front of you. He understands that true closeness can only be attained through humility and transparency. As a result, he confides in you about his darkest fears because he trusts you – and he wants you to trust him in return.

9. He becomes interested in the subjects you are most enthusiastic about.

He is eager to learn everything he can about you. And being able to pursue your life’s most ardent interests is a big part of that.

10. He never forces you to do anything you don’t want to do.

He values your uniqueness as a person, and just because he wants to be in a committed relationship with you doesn’t mean he’ll hurry or pressure you into doing something that would make you uncomfortable.

11. He develops a social media addiction with you.

He could like every single photo you share of yourself. He will make comments on amusing memes that you may share on your feed. It’s just his way of saying he can’t get enough of you, whether in the actual or virtual world.