Now I’ve got the rest of my fantastic new sugar-free life to live!

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My Westerdahl, also known as the LCHF engineer (link in Swedish), has been fighting her sugar addiction since childhood. LCHF is an essential ingredient in the recipe for her success, but My says it’s not enough. Here’s how she succeeded and lost 208 lbs (94 kilos). The email Hi! I started eating LCHF in […]

Everything You Should Know About the Keto Diet

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The trending keto diet forces you to put that fat-is-bad mentality to rest once and for all. But can you take a ketogenic diet too far? By now, you know fat isn’t as bad as everyone once thought. But we’re guessing you still think twice before cooking with butter and indulging […]

Meet the Woman Who Went From a Size 24 to a 12 in Less Than a Year

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She’s using social media to share the reality of binge eating disorder. Most people probably think the body positivity movement is inclusive. But sometimes overweight women who are actively trying to lose weight get criticized within the body positivity space. This happened to Kelly Howland, 31, an Instagram blogger who writes about […]

This Woman Followed a Keto Diet and Lost 100 Pounds—Without Giving Up Pizza

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Here’s exactly how she peeled off the pounds. Elena Juarez punched and food-prepped her way to losing 100 pounds. But her weight-loss journey kicked off with a serious health scare. About a year ago, her 10-year-old daughter, Biani, arrived home with a school nurse’s recommendation for a diabetes test. “She came home crying, asking if she […]


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Hey guys, hope you all doing well. Today we will discuss on how to lose 10kg in 1 month without exercise. Weight loss resolution is taken by many but followed by less. We try several dieting charts and plan but we mostly fail to do so. Even sometimes the diet plans […]

The Delicious and Useful Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

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Everybody realizes how delightful cinnamon is! Be that as it may, would you say you are mindful of the numerous advantages of cinnamon? The solid, alluring smell helps numerous to remember us of our most loved nourishments and sweets. Be that as it may, cinnamon is additionally an incredible common […]